Some Real Estate Agents you've spoke with mention they have a certain number of years of experience under their belt, but what does that really meant to you in your home purchase?

It's supposed to imply that they  have the ability to get the job done, but do they really?

 When you contact Drew Ferrara to represent you, you can be 100% positive that you have an experienced Agent on your side.  Drew not only possesses an uncanny wealth of general real estate knowledge, but he also knows amazing specifications of amenities, pricing, floorplans, etc. in virtually every community in his marketing area.  For example, say you love the "Cornell" floorplan built by Toll Brothers, but would rather buy in a community other than where you saw it originally.  He can tell you that the "Cornell" model was built in 3 other neighborhoods as well & take you to see all of them!  This is just 1 example of the depth of knowledge that Drew offers to all of his Buyer-clients.  Imagine having an Agent that can tell you which model of home was built where, plus the specifics of the communities they are in, without even doing the research? 



Is the Community You REALLY Want to Live in Out of Your Financial Grasp?

Less $$ in Taxes Translates into More $$ in Your Sale Price

Did you know that many Seller's are paying property taxes on the higher value their home had in the past? It is possible to lower the annual taxes enough to get you into the home of your Dreams!

Drew just assisted a household in Lower Makefield Township appeal their tax assessment & as as result they're saving $173 monthly in their payment!

$173 less monthly in taxes is about $30,000 more available in your mortgage amount!

Drew can help you make it happen!  He has worked side-by side with many of his clients to lower their property assessments.  This may be the difference in allowing you to not only move out- but move up!



Working with the In-House Title Company saves you $$$....

We know everyone loves to save a buck.... or 2.... or 3....

By using the Title Company that Drew is affiliated with, you save on the miscellaneous fees that are frequently charged to Buyers at closing.  Though each state mandates the actual rate Consumer's pay for title insurance, there are always nominal fees that show up. Did you ever really ask what all the small fees are to the title company?  You'd be surprised to know that many of them can be avoided. For example, a fee you will never pay to Federated Search & Abstract, aka our title company, is a very common "travel fee".  This charge pops up for having the Title Clerk travel to another office to complete the closing & is often charged under other companies - we've seen fees up to $500!  There are other fees that Drew will be sure you do not pay.  This financial protection is a part of the impressive experience Drew encompasses & is yet another example of why you should contact Drew when the time is right for you to move or re-fi!